Our Story

Voyageur Wilderness Programme was founded on Voyageur Island, Nym Lake, in 1960 by lecturer, educator and wilderness preservationist Charlie Ericksen and Jean Goff Marantette. In 1986, kindred spirits, Guy Savoie and family officially undertook Voyageur's operation and direction.

Inspired by the Savoie family’s proud French-Canadian Voyageur heritage, Voyageur Wilderness was further developed to highlight the culture and history of the Indigenous and Voyageurs on Canada’s heritage canoe routes in Quetico Provincial Park.

Voyageur Wilderness Illustration Kayak Scene 72dpi
Voyageur Wilderness Illustration Horseman 72dpi
Voyageur Wilderness Illustration Kayak Scene 72dpi

Today – Meet Our Family

Celebrating 60 years in 2020, Voyageur Wilderness is still family owned and operated by Michelle and her husband Dale. Their son Joseph and daughter Madeleine are actively involved.

We LOVE what we do. We love to share the spirit and traditions of truly authentic Quetico Canoe Culture that inspire connections to the natural world, each other and ourselves.

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Our Principles

We are devoted to keeping ecological integrity at Voyageur Island and in all aspects of our participants’ travel through Quetico Provincial Park and surrounding areas. We continue to protect our natural spaces and reduce our ecological footprint. This commitment ensures that wilderness will be appreciated in its natural form for generations to come.

Responsible tourism practices are adhered to for this very reason. They are woven throughout all aspects of our business. We lead by example, inspire others and cultivate hope. We truly believe that humans are not masters of nature, but rather a small strand which is part of the large web of life.

Our Traditional Teachings are passed from generation to generation, especially the wisdom of our Elders, through song, dance, story-telling, “art”, traditions and customs. We live, work, play and incorporate these fundamentals and all aspects for Mother Earth, self, family, and community, and how all is interconnected.