What Is Canadian Canoe Culture?

The Canoe has been and is a way of life for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada especially in vast wilderness areas. The Canadian Canoe is not only the most versatile and reliable mode of transportation, it is a symbol of community, family and connection by the Indigenous Peoples and Métis Voyageurs.

Recreational canoe tripping is popular for adventure and reconnection. The canoe calls us to escape from our busy lives and takes us away from all the noise. With each paddle stroke, we disconnect and release stress we didn’t even know we had. We connect with each other, the environment, cultural heritage and with ourselves.

Canadian Canoe Culture is about discovering the wonder of nature. It is about connection. It is about learning to share the load and helping each other out. It is about respect and love for the Earth and all of its plants and animals. It is a way of life.

Voyageur Wilderness is Featured in 'The Canoe'

We invite you to watch Goh Iromoto’s beautiful 27-minute film or if you’re short on time, the 4:32 minute segment featuring Voyageur Wilderness.

Goh has truly captured the essence of the Canadian Canoe Culture by showcasing the experiences of five individuals, couples and families who love to paddle. We are honoured to be included in ‘The Canoe’.

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Quetico Canoe Culture

Welcome, Ahnii, Taanishi, Bienvenue to Quetico Provincial Park and surrounding area. Within the park you will experience the beauty and strength of this land. You will come across some of our sacred sites which were used for different ceremonies. You might see some of the pictographs that were left to inspire future generations. All we ask is that you respect our lands, our home and our culture as we continue to live in harmony with all our natural surroundings.

In 1913, Quetico Provincial Park was established to protect the lands, waters and culture of the traditional territory of Lac La Croix First Nation, Métis Nation and Canada’s historical waterways. Even though Indigenous Peoples have called Quetico home long before the creation of the park, it is unique in that today its management falls under an Agreement of Co-Existence with Lac La Croix First Nations and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Authentic Canoe Culture Experiences

As you paddle the quiet rugged splendor of Quetico’s northern boreal landscape, you’ll see why the Quetico area is said to be blessed by the Spirit of Unusual Beauty. ‘Quetico’ comes from the Ojibway word, ‘gwe taa maang’ – this refers to how we view and respect this sacred area. Perhaps you’ll hear the steady rhythm of dipping of paddles and songs of Indigenous and Métis Voyageurs.

Voyageur Wilderness is proud to offer authentic Quetico Canoe Culture experiences. Inspired by our Métis Voyageur and French Canadian heritage, we are deeply committed to very strong ethical, environmental and cultural principles.

Our values are reflected in our personal, down-to-earth, authentic interaction with all of our visitors.

We hope that you’ll join us so we can share the spirit, traditions, life-changing, timeless wilderness experiences that inspire our connection to each other and the natural world.